Baroness LM2700 Groundcare Stewart Plant Sales CC

Baroness’s core brand values of simplicity of design, functionality, focus on materials, manufacturing quality control together with an emphasis on machinery strength and reliability; the result is that Baroness Units have the lowest whole life costs of any unit in the market. A fact underpinned by a full 3-year manufacturer warranty on all ride-on units and a 5-year warranty on all hand mowers.

LM Series

Baroness 5 Unit Fairway Mower LM2700


The LM2700 is a medium weight five-unit fairway mower, with low whole life costs and long service life as all baroness products. The mower lets the user enjoy a high work rate with simplistic controls meaning less downtime.

• Model: LM2700
• Drive: Hydrostatic 2wd/4wd
• Fuel Capacity: 51 litres
• Brakes: Hydrostatic dynamic braking, oversize mechanical disc brakes to front wheels
• Steering: Hydraulically power assisted
• Cutting Width: 277 cm (26 inch units)
• Height of Cut Range: 8 - 45 mm
• Engine: Kubota V2203-M 4 cylinder diesel engine, 46PS @ 2600 rpm
• Max Speed: Transport (max): 22 km/h Cutting (max): 14 km/h
• Mower Weight: 1750kg

Baroness Lightweight Fairway Mower LM2400


The Baroness LM244 is a lightweigh fairway mower with low centre of gravity, low ground pressure and high traction four-wheel drive. The finest reel and bedknife in the industry with outstanding cutting power provides high performance and serviceability while it has long service life and low runnign costs.

• Model: LM2400
• Drive: Hydrostatic, 4-wheel Baroness cross drive
• Steering: Hydraulically power assisted
• Cutting Width: 277 cm
• Reel Diameter: 163mm
• Number of Cylinder Blades: 9
• Height of Cut Range: 10 - 60mm
• Engine: Kubota D1105-T (Turbo Diesel) 24.5kW (33.3PS) @ 3000 rpm
• Max Speed: 0 - 16 km/h
• Mower Weight: 1300kg

Baroness Triple Diesel Greensmower LM315


The LM315 gives the user the positive aspects of a hybrid drive mower with the dependability of mechanical drive to the cutting units, a choice of reel speeds, powered by a Kubota diesel engine.

• Model: LM315GC
• Drive: Hydrostatic 2 wheel drive/3 wheel drive (option)
• Fuel Capacity: 20 litres
• Brakes: Hydrostatic dynamic braking with mechanical parking brake
• Steering: Hydraulically power assisted
• Cutting Width: 152 cm
• Clip: High: 246 @ 5 km/h Low: 160 @ 5 km/h
• Height of Cut Range: 2 - 29mm
• Engine: Kubota D722 3 cylinder diesel, 21PS @ 3000 rpm
• Max Speed: Transport: 15 km/h max Cutting: 6 km/h
• Mower Weight: 680kg (including 3 wheel drive and ROPS, all fluids)

Baroness Pedestrian Greensmower LM56


The Baroness LM56 & LM66 is the ultimate pedestrian greensmower and walks behind cylinder mowers. Among the lightest in their class, solidly built, highly manoeuvrable and constructed to a quality standard second to none.
Not only is the Baroness LM56-66 series the sharpest tool in the box but you get a complete turf maintenance system for the price of one mower.


• Model: LM56GBF
• Cutting Width: 556mm
• Clip: 4mm (250 cuts per metre)
• Reel Diameter: 128mm
• Number of Cylinder Blades: 11
• Height of Cut Range: 1.5mm to 13mm
• Engine: EX13D 3.2kw @ 4000min-1
• Max Speed: 4.8 kph
• Mower Weight: 81kg
• Grassbox Weight: 3.3kg
• Transport Wheels Weight: 6.9kg
• Length (with Grassbox): 1500mm
• Width (without Wheels): 942mm
• Height: 1030mm

Baroness Pedestrian Greensmower LM66


The LM66 is a walk behind cylinder mowers are light and reliable. As they are completely gear driven they are easier to maintain than those with chains
Equipped with bi-directional front grooming reel, de-thatching reel or brush, all of which are gear driven and changeable in 5 minutes, the Baroness LM56-66 range offers you total control over the quality of your playing surface.

• Model: LM66T
• Cutting Width: 646mm
• Reel Diameter: 128mm
• Number of Cylinder Blades: 7
• Height of Cut Range: 7mm to 29mm
• Engine: EX13D 3.2kw @ 4000min-1
• Max Speed: 4.4 kph
• Mower Weight: 86kg
• Grassbox Weight: 3.3kg
• Transport Wheels Weight: 6.9kg
• Length (with Grassbox): 1500mm
• Width (without Wheels): 1032mm
• Height: 1030mm


The LM56 & LM66 greensmower are designed with:

• Nickel-Chrome-Molybdenum cutting cylinder for extreme long life and bi-directional grooming reel for ultimate flexibility. 

• Single plate friction clutch for smooth pickup, precise control and easy engagement of the all-gear drive.

LM56 Bedknife Cc

• The unique long-life Baroness bedknife, with 4 different lip sections, to enable you to work down to 1.5mm, is renowned for its durability under the toughest topdressing regimes.

 • The Baroness LM56and LM66 can be fitted with three optional accessories - a 78/92 blade grooming reel, a 39/46 blade thatching reel or a 6cm diameter, 49/57cm working width rotating brush.

LM56 Blades Cc

Baroness Sportsfield Surround Mower LM180C


The LM180 ideal sportsfield and surround mower, gives the user low fuel consumption and low maintenance costs from the long life of the cutting cylinders and bottom blades. The three speed gearbox gives the user added control on sloped areas while the engine offers a transport speed of 8.7km/h.

• Model: LM180C
• Drive: Mechanical, 3 forward and 1 reverse speed
• Fuel Capacity: 6 litres
• Brakes: Foot and handbrake
• Front Axle: Tubular pivoting
• Steering: Fully ball-jointed
• Material: Nickel Chrome Molybdenum Alloy Steel
• Bottom Blades: Tool steel with NCM inserts
• Cutting Width: 180cm
• Number of Cylinder Blades: 12.7cm 7 blade
• Height of Cut Range: 1.3cm to 5cm
• Engine: Robin EH30 9hp
• Max Speed: 8.7 km/h

Baroness 5 Units Rotary Mower LM281


The LM281 is an excellent option for longer grass, however it is equally at home in the semi-rough and around bunkers. It is powered by a 26 hp Kubota diesel engine meaning it can cover large areas quickly while the tungsten (as standard) blades ensure a quality cut. The Baroness LM281 is a 3-unit fine turf mower with unrivalled cutting quality, the finest reel and bedknife produced in instustry, lightweigh combined with outstanding curring power and low ground pressure and high traction four-wheel drive.

• Model: LM281
• Drive: Hydrostatic, 4WD
• Cutting Width: 1800 mm
• Height of Cut Range: 10mm to 60mm
• Engine: Kubota D1105 diesel 19.4kW (26hp)
• Max Speed: 14.4 km/h

Baroness 5 Gang Rough Fairway Mower LM285


The LM285 mower has 4-wheel drive on difficult terrain. This high quality machine is 40% lighter than similar mowers in it’s’ class however by combining traction and a wide wheelbase it is also one of the most stable.

• Model: LM285
• Drive: Hydrostatic, 4WD
• Cutting Width: 2815 mm (5-unit)
• Height of Cut Range: 10mm to 60mm
• Engine: Kubota D1105 turbo diesel 24.5kW (33hp)
• Max Speed: 14.4 km/h
• Mower Weight: 1226 kg units raised (902 kg units lowered)

Baroness LM3210


The LM3210 will cut Fairways or the Rough with a perfect finish even in difficult working conditions. The LM3210 has a cutting width of 3.2m and a minimum turning radius of 3.2m

• Model: LM3210
• Drive: Hydrostatic, 2WD/4WD
• Cutting Width: 320 cm (126 inches)
• Number of Cylinder Blades: 7
• Height of Cut Range: 10 - 60 mm
• Engine: Kubota V2403-CR-TE4B, 43.2 kW (58.9PS)/2400 rpm.9PS)/2400 rpm
• Max Speed: Forward: 0 to 15.5 km/h Reverse: 0 to 6.0 km/h
• Mower Weight: 1930 kg

GM Series

Baroness Series GM2810


The GM2810 five-deck rotary mower is a powerful and flexible machine, designed to deliver a high work-rate, superb quality of cut and supreme manoeuvrability on the most demanding of terrain. A powerful engine and high-torque wheel motors, combined with on-demand 4-wheel drive, mean the GM2810 is comfortable and safe to use on the most demanding slopes and turns.

• Model: GM2810
• Drive:4-wheel drive
• Cutting Width: 280cm
• Height of Cut Range: 20 - 91.5 mm
• Engine: Kubota V2403-CR-TE4B, 43.2 kW (58.9PS)/2400 rpm
• Max Speed: 16kph
• Mower Weight: 2000kg

Baroness Rotary Mower GM1700


The GM1700 mower has a low centre of gravity which is good for rough and semi rough mowing, it is also very stable on slopes. It comes with a 3 part contour cutter deck but it can also be bought with a 1.45m rough deck.

• Model: GM1700
• Drive: Hydrostatic 2wd/4wd
• Brakes: Hydrostatic dynamic braking, mechanical parking brake on rear axle
• Steering: Hydraulically power assisted
• Cutting Width: 151 cm
• Height of Cut Range: 35 - 110 mm
• Engine: Kubota D1105 3 cylinder diesel engine, 17.8kW (24.2PS) @ 2800 rpm
• Mower Weight: 895 kg including rollbar and contour cutter deck

HM Series

Baroness Hammer Knife Mower HM1560K


HM1560K - The Baroness HMC1560 Hammer-Knife Mower. 
The HM1560K offers a fantastic solution to slope mowing. The platform remains upright and the track system gives the user excellent stability throughout use.