Supplying masonry, floor, abrasive and tile saws from Norton Clipper and Stihl.

Explore a diverse selection of high-quality saws at Stewart Plant Sales, catering to a multitude of applications.

Masonry Saws: Our range of Norton Clipper masonry saws excels in cutting through tough materials like concrete, brick, and stone, ensuring precision and durability.

Floor Saws: Norton Clipper floor saws, available at Stewart Plant Sales, are designed for cutting through horizontal surfaces, making them ideal for road applications. Trust in the reliability of Norton Clipper's manufacturing.

Tile Saws: Precision meets efficiency with Norton Clipper's tile saws, specifically crafted for cutting ceramic materials, including floor tiles. Elevate your cutting experience with our top-notch selection.

Cut-Off Saws: Manufactured by Stihl, our abrasive saws are versatile tools capable of cutting through various materials, including metal and plastic. Count on the quality and performance that Stihl is renowned for.

Not sure which saw suits your needs best? Reach out to our knowledgeable team for personalised assistance in making the optimal choice.


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Lippmann JCB Norton Clipper

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