Scalpers and Reclaimers

Supplying highly efficient scalpers and reclaimers from Lippmann and Tesab.

A Scalper/Reclaimer is a dual-purpose machine that is commonly used in construction, quarrying, and waste and recycling. The Scalper separates larger material from smaller material. The Reclaimer then collects smaller material to be used as is or to be processed further. The combined process allows the material to be efficiently segregated based on their size meaning there is less waste overall.

Tesab Scalpers/Reclaimers

Tesab has a range of sclapper/reclaimers ranging from the TS1230 which is a highly portable scalper to the TS1860 2 deck Scalper/Reclaimer which is the largest of the range with a 225Hp engine and it has enough power to produce high levels of quality product working in any application.

  • Tesab TS1230: Easily transportable Scalper, ideal for many small but heavy-duty projects.
  • Tesab TS1340: Efficient and dependable mid-range Scalper/Reclaimer
  • Tesab TS1550: Whether working in a primary crushing circuit, construction or demolition rock, this machine has the power to work through most types of materials.
  • Tesab TS1860: The most versatile ad robust Scalper/Reclaimer on the market.

Lippmann Scalpers

  • Lippmann 516r: Ideal for primary and secondary crushing the L516r is built to handle the toughest materials and is best used in quarry/mining applications.
  • Lippmann 620r: The largest of the Lippmann Scalpers the 620r can be used as a high-capacity stand-alone machine or as a primary scalper.


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