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Tesab 600i: The Ultimate Portable Jaw Crusher Solution

Welcome to Stewart Plant Sales, your premier source for Tesab's comprehensive lineup of material processing equipment. Today, we delve into the Tesab 600i, a compact yet powerful jaw crusher designed to excel in recycling yards, forestry operations, and small quarry environments.


Key Features and Advantages



Easy Transportability

With a width of just 2.5 meters, the Tesab 600i is remarkably portable, ensuring seamless transportation between job sites without compromising on production capabilities.


Upgraded Control Panel

Experience enhanced user-friendliness with the newly revamped control panel of the Tesab 600i. Monitor fluid levels and fuel consumption effortlessly, facilitating swift set-up upon arrival at the site. Moreover, its waterproof and dustproof design ensures durability in diverse operating conditions.


Enhanced Performance Design

The 600i's jaw box boasts improvements for faster jaw speeds, complemented by a deeper jaw and extended conveyor for optimised productivity. Featuring a standard 36" main hydraulic conveyor, this crusher efficiently processes large volumes of material. The integration of an I-Beam plate into the chassis design enhances structural integrity, while the open chassis layout facilitates easy maintenance, offering improved visibility and ventilation.


Optional Add-Ons

Maximise versatility with the option to equip the Tesab 600i jaw crusher with an overband magnet, simplifying the separation of magnetic materials with utmost efficiency.



Machine Specifications



Performance Metrics

  • Engine: 22Hp
  • Weight: 34,600kg
  • Crushing Chamber Width: 40”


Transport Dimensions

  • Height: 3.2m
  • Width: 2.5m
  • Length: 13.78m


Conveyor Stockpile Heights

  • Main: 3.45m
  • Side: 2.5m


For comprehensive details regarding the Tesab 600i and our extensive selection of jaw crushers, don't hesitate to reach out to Materials Processing Manager Paul Toulouse at 07736928041 or via email at