Atlas Copco

Portable Air Compressors


Atlas Copco manufacturers one in three compressors sold around the world. Used in a wide variety of industries, Atlas Copco compressors are engineered to last, and designed for continuous duty on the toughest jobs. They are the perfect choice for utilities, civil engineering, building and heavy duty applications in quarries and industry


Series 8 Small Portables Compressors 70-175cfm, 6.5 -12kVa

Powered by Honda or Kubota diesel engines, Atlas Copco’s small portable air compressors from 90-5,30m³/min (70-175cfm) are compact, efficient, economical and easy to operate. With body parts are made of powder-coated Zincor™ steel and a canopy of high impact-resistant polyethylene they are designed for a long trouble free life. Models with optional integrated 6.5 or 12 kVA generator provides additional power for welding, lighting, heating, and power tools.


Medium Portables Compressors 200-778cfm

Atlas Copco’s medium range portable air compressors are built to last, their robust construction can withstand rough treatment over a long lifetime. They are powered by Kubota, John Deere or Cummings diesel engines designed for heavy-duty applications. They offer excellent fuel economy, low noise and exhaust emissions, easy service access in a reliable, compact and easily transportable design.

A C Large Compressor Studio

Large Portables Compressors 650-1596cfm

Atlas Copco’s large portable air compressors combine high volume output with low cost of ownership. Powered by reliable Scania diesel engines with best in class fuel consumption, they are suitable for the most demanding applications. Their practical design offers easy service and maintenance access via quickly removable panels. The optional FuelXpert™ system can further lower fuel consumption and a large fuel capacity facilitates remote working.

Pneumatic Tools


A range to suit every application in the construction, quarrying and mining industries. Atlas Copco tools are built to thrive in the toughest environments. Rugged, high-performance tools that set enduring performance standards they are designed for a long, trouble-free life.

Cobra Petrol-Driven Breakers

A C-CobraApp

Atlas Copco's self-contained, petrol driven breaker range handles applications like breaking concrete, cutting ashphalt, tamping ballast drilling and more-all without the need for power packs or cables. They are easily transported and ideal for remote locations. The Cobra Combi is a combined drill and breaker and the Cobra Pro is the beavy hitter in the range, clocking up an incredible 60 joules at the tool tip.

Diesel Generators

A C Generators Studio

Atlas Copco's on-site generators are intelligen multi-taskers that can power a wide range of electrical equipment in different applications. Reliability in the most advserse environmnetal conditions is ensured thanks to their rugged construction. These economincial units offer a low total cost of ownership and a high resale valve. Operation is easy, with a wide range of control modules, electrical settings and mechnical options. In addition, they operate with minimal noise and emissions.

Lighting Towers


Powered by Kubota diesel engines, Atlas Copco;s lighting towers provide outstanding light for temporary work environments, sporting events and other situations. They are based on a proven and successful design concept that features zero emissions with zero noise, battery powered LED Hi-Light, a hydralically raised mast, 350 degree rotation, handbrake safety release, automatic  engine shutdown system monted on an on-road chasis with two outriggers and four jacklegs.