Discover Highly Productive Trommels from McCloskey Environmental at Stewart Plant Sales.


A trommel, a cylindrical screening machine prevalent in waste and recycling, efficiently separates materials by size. Its rotating drum with perforated screens allows smaller materials to pass through, retaining larger materials inside.

Stewart Plant Sales proudly sells and services the entire range of McCloskey Environmental's trommels, from the portable ET-512A to the powerful ET-733RE. McCloskey Environmental is committed to delivering top-notch equipment that contributes to reducing waste worldwide.

McCloskey Environmental Trommels

  • McCloskey Environmental ET-512A/R: The 512 Trommels are perfect for mid-sized operations requiring a portable conveyor extension. R models include the patented radial conveyor for enhanced functionality.
  • McCloskey Environmental ET-516RE/RT: Tailored for larger operations, the ET-516 models offer various drum designs and screen sizes to ensure a high-quality output.
  • McCloskey Environmental ET-518 (Coming Soon): Stay tuned for the upcoming ET-518 model, bringing innovation to trommel technology.
  • McCloskey Environmental ET-620: Ideal for applications involving wood waste, compost, light C&D waste, and general MSW.
  • McCloskey Environmental ET-621RE: Proven reliability in construction, demolition, topsoil, compost, and waste recycling applications.
  • McCloskey Environmental ET-733RE: A high-production trommel with a radial fine conveyor, perfect for larger screening applications.


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