Fuel Bowsers

Western Global ABBI fuel bowsers from 985l to 1,940l

Abbi Highway Tow

Fuel Bowsers, essential for construction sites, are trailers equipped with built-in tanks designed to transport petrol or diesel efficiently. They play a vital role in storing and transporting fuel for various construction equipment, minimising downtime associated with refuelling processes.

Explore Western Global's Fuel Bowsers, specifically the ABBI range, meticulously crafted for easy transportation both around and between construction sites. Each bowser in this range is mounted on a type-approved trailer, featuring European-specified lighting and under-gear for enhanced safety and compliance.

The ABBI range by Western Global is designed for convenience. It includes an access hatch for quick and easy routine maintenance of the inner tank. Lifting eyes facilitate easy handling, while forklift pockets enable fast manoeuvring when the tank is detached from the trailer. The weatherproof bund is specially crafted to ensure the environmental compliance of the tanks.


Lippmann JCB Norton Clipper

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