Large Portable Compressors

Large mobile Air Compressors with 20-63m³/min / 7-25 bar from Atlas Copco.

Unlock the potential of Atlas Copco's three impressive models of large mobile Air Compressors:

  • Atlas Copco DrillAir: 20-45m³/min / 12-35 bar
  • Atlas Copco High Flow: 20-30m³/min / 7-14 bar
  • Atlas Copco TwinAir: 40-63m³/min / 12-25 bar

Atlas Copco DrillAir: Precision for Varied Drilling Applications

Designed for ground engineering, drill and blast, water wells, and geothermal drilling, the DrillAir range stands out for its mobility, simplicity, and quick serviceability. Experience a 10% boost in flow during flushing and drill stem refill with Dynamic Flow Boost and take full control of your Air Compressor's performance with AirXpert 2.0.

Atlas Copco High Flow: Powerful Performance at Low Pressure

Ideal for heavy drilling, quarrying, shallow well drilling, and large-diameter pipe cleaning, the high-flow range produces high-volume air at low pressure. Each model is equipped with a Stage V engine, an ECO mode for up to 50% fuel savings during idle time, three-step filtration, and the Xc4004 controller.

Atlas Copco TwinAir: Unmatched Compressed Air Volume

Boasting the highest volume of compressed air, the TwinAir is the go-to solution for offshore platforms. Consisting of two oil-injected rotary screw compressors powered by liquid-cooled, six-cylinder turbocharged inter-cooler diesel engines, the TwinAir offers independent or combined operation. Enjoy spillage-free frames, corrosion-resistant three-layer coating, and the ability to endure continuous work in up to 46-degree heat.

Choose Atlas Copco for Large Mobile Air Compressors that redefine power, efficiency, and durability. Invest in a solution that meets the demands of diverse applications with cutting-edge technology and robust design.


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