Fuel Tanks

Western Global Transcube from 949l to 9,213l

Western Global TransCube Fuel Storage Tanks

Explore the superior features of Western Global's TransCube Global fuel tanks designed for efficient and secure on-site fuel storage.

Each TransCube Global fuel tank is equipped with a lockable equipment cabinet, ensuring the containment of any spills. The secured hose provides fuelling access even when the storage tank is locked, prioritising convenience and safety. Designed for ease of use, each model incorporates corner brackets for crane lifting and stackability, while the galvanized frame ensures strength and durability. The removable inner tank expedites cleaning and routine maintenance, and internal baffles enhance the stability of your fuel storage.

With capacities ranging from 499 litres to 2,831 litres, Western Global's TransCube Global fuel tanks empower you to store fuel on-site, minimising job waiting times. Furthermore, these tanks can connect to three different diesel-powered pieces of equipment simultaneously, enabling three times faster refuelling when needed. Invest in Western Global's TransCube Global fuel tanks for efficient, reliable, and fast on-site fuel management.

Western Global EnviroBulka Deluxe Storage Tanks

Experience the perfect blend of security and flexibility with the EnviroBulka Deluxe range, addressing all your stationary fuelling requirements. Both models feature a lockable full-height cabinet, additional shelving space, and a secure hose access system, providing you with unmatched convenience and peace of mind. Tailored for long-term construction projects, the EnviroBulka range from Western Global is your optimal solution.

Unlock the benefits of bulk fuel purchases with these storage containers, delivering significant cost savings. The 100% funded design adheres to rigorous standards, including compliance with BS799 and Oil Storage Regulations for Business. This guarantees a safe and environmentally friendly approach to bulk fuel storage, ensuring your compliance and sustainability goals are met seamlessly. Choose Western Global EnviroBulka Deluxe Storage Tanks for a secure, flexible, and environmentally conscious solution to your fuel storage needs.


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