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McCloskey Environmental Shredders

McCloskey Environmental's Shredders are purposefully designed for the waste management and recycling industries. These robust machines play a pivotal role in reducing the size of bulky materials, preparing them for the subsequent stages of the recycling process and significantly minimizing the amount of waste sent to landfills. The Shredder range from McCloskey Environmental is engineered to shred almost any type of material, making them ideal for plants dealing with variable incoming material sizes.

McCloskey Environmental Shredders

  • McCloskey Environmental ES-200 (Coming Soon): Stay tuned for the upcoming ES-200, a cutting-edge addition to our Shredder lineup.
  • McCloskey Environmental ES-250: This Shredder boasts an 8-knife, heavy-duty cutting table with rotating knives ensuring continuous movement of materials, maximizing productivity.
  • McCloskey Environmental ESS-300: Featuring an aggressive multi-tooth cutting shaft and an intelligent electrical control unit, the ESS-300 is perfect for applications where shredding particularly challenging materials is essential.


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