Cone Crusher

Cone Crusher

Lippmann 200C

Built on over 100 years of industry-leading experience in crushing, the Lippmann 400 Series cone crushers continue the tradition of innovation and productivity. This has resulted in one of the most precise, productive, and powerful cone crushers on the market: The Lippmann 400C.

Lippmann Cone Crushers are designed to exceed the desired combination of high material capacity and throughput, ready from day one to take on the heaviest of loads with class-leading reduction ratios.

Complete Capabilities

Designed with maximum throughput at heart, Lippmann Cone crushers extend the limits of existing industry performance for a best in class result in a variety of roles and industries, and further compliment and complete the existing crusher portfolio available within the Lippmann family. 

The crusher speed, throw and cavity configuration combine to create a high capacity and quality machine suitable for a wide range of applications. The 400C is built with a variety of high production and operator friendly features in mind.

Advanced reliability

Lippmann cone crushers are designed with longevity and reliability as a key principle, to ensure high productivity with continued use. The 400C benefits from advanced liner retention technology and an excellent standard of wear production ensured in all components. Even with these features in place, the 400C still works at speeds up to 1200RPM, showing productivity does not need to be sacrificed by reliability but instead can be enhanced.


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