Jaw Crushers

An excavator first loads the hopper of the Jaw Crusher, as the material moves along the vibrating plate it approaches the pre-screen. After the pre-screen, the material enters the body of the crusher and as the swing jaw moves, it compresses the material against the fixed jaw. The processed material then exists through an adjustable gap at the bottom of the chamber and onto the main belt, often there is a magnetic cross belt that removes any metals and finally the material either drops into a stockpile or onto a secondary crusher.

Tesab Jaw Crushers

Stewart Plant Sales offers the full range of Tesab Jaw Crushers starting with the 500i right up to the 800i/ie.

The most compact model by Tesab is the 500i which at less than 2.5m can easily be transported from site to site and can continue crushing while being moved. The one-piece vibrating grizzly feeder has a 2.75m3 volume capacity and the 500i comes complete with manual and remote adjustable speed.

  • Tesab 500i: Compact, easily transportable, with adjustable speed and manual/remote operation.
  • Tesab 600i:5m wide, perfect for mobile applications, deeper jaw box, quicker jaw speed, extended main conveyor.
  • Tesab 700i: Higher throughput tonnage, handles wet, dry, or damp material, designed for tough quarrying conditions.
  • Tesab 800i: Engineered for high productivity, with an additional pre-screen for rates exceeding 400 TPH.

Tesab Hybrid Jaw Crushers

Tesab have also introduced the 700ie and 800ie hybrid models which are up to 33% more fuel efficient and can reduce your overall crusher operating costs by 70% while still offering the same production rate as the 700i and 800i.

Lippmann Jaw Crushers
Lippmann's range of jaw crushers combines innovative technology with customer-focused design to enhance reliability and efficiency across its models. 

  • Lippmann 1060j:  renowned for its capability to deliver high-quality material output and robust construction, ensuring minimal downtime even in demanding operations. It stands out for its mobility and capacity to exceed 400 TPH.
  •  Lippmann 1150j: similar in capacity and mobility to the 1060j, is also designed for high output of quality material, distinguished by its heavy-duty build and premium wear parts for reduced downtime.
  • Lippmann 1200j: offers a leap in productivity with capabilities exceeding 400 TPH, emphasizing its powerful performance in the jaw crusher lineup with heavy-duty construction and high-quality components.
  • Lippmann 1300j: showcases the latest dual-powered operation, reflecting Lippmann's commitment to innovation since 1923. This model is designed with cost-efficiency and reliability at its core, offering a flexible hybrid power system to ensure economical operation with a focus on customer needs.


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