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Explore Quality Stackers for Every Application from Tesab, Lippmann, and McCloskey Environmental at Stewart Plant Sales.

Stackers from Tesab, Lippmann, and McCloskey Environmental

Stackers play a vital role in stockpiling or moving material before further processing and removal from the site. Reliability, productivity, and versatility across various materials are crucial for successful stockpiling operations. Stewart Plant Sales offers industry-leading stackers from Tesab, Lippmann, and McCloskey Environmental.

Tesab Stackers

Tesab's robust and reliable stackers are designed for versatile applications, known for their quality and efficiency.

  • Tesab Trackstack 6536T: A compact yet powerful stacker with a unique Tesab Trackstack boomerang design, allowing adjustable feed boot height without changing the head drum’s location.
  • Tesab Trackstack 8040T/SL: A heavy-duty mobile solution with a radial stockpile feature for demanding operations.
  • Tesab 5040SF Feeding Stack: Featuring a 10ft feeder hopper transferring material onto a 50ft conveyor, eliminating the need for double handling materials.
  • Tesab 8048SF Feeding Stack: Similar to the 5040SF, with a larger feeder and conveyor for more demanding operations.
  • Tesab 8048 Feeding Conveyor: Equipped with a large feeder transferring material to an 80ft conveyor, with a low-level feed option for operator flexibility.

Lippmann Stackers

Lippmann offers a wide range of stackers designed to meet high standards of productivity and efficiency.

  • Lippmann 4080st & 4065st: Allow the operators to stockpile/transfer material directly from crushers and screeners.
  • Lippmann 80sf and 80sf-r: These feeder stackers are made up of a large feeder hopper that transfers material onto an 80ft conveyor.
  • Lippmann 80rf and 50sf: These units are easily transported on one low loader for easy site transport. 

McCloskey Environmental Stackers

McCloskey Environmental presents a range of stackers from the EC-50, a highly mobile wheeled stacker, to the EC-100T for high-capacity stockpiling.

  • McCloskey Environmental EC-50: A light-duty stockpiling conveyor for both stockpiling and material transfer between machines.
  • McCloskey Environmental EC-65T: A 65’ stacker with a large hopper and full-length guarding.
  • McCloskey Environmental EC-80T: Offering flexibility and mobility, containerizable if required.
  • McCloskey Environmental EC-100T: Reaching new heights with hydraulically adjustable feed, ideal for working with shredding and recycling plants.


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