Small Portable Compressors


Compressors are used across a variety of industries. Some common uses include powering air tools, abrasive blast equipment, and paint sprayers or for air conditioning and refrigeration applications. Useful in the construction industry, compressors provide power to tools and other construction equipment on-site. They can be used for power drilling machines, jackhammers, impact wrenches, grinders, or sanders. Compressors can come in a range of sizes from small box-like units used to inflate tyres to larger units found in pipeline services. SPS provide Atlas Copco compressors which are built to last and designed to operate continuously on the toughest of jobs. These compressors are ideal for the following industries: utilities, civil engineering, building, construction, and heavy-duty applications for example for use in quarries.

Lippmann JCB Norton Clipper

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