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Stewart Plant Sales: Your Destination for High-Quality Impact Crushers

Welcome to Stewart Plant Sales, your premier destination for top-tier Impact Crushers from industry-leading brands like Tesab and Lippmann. Our expertise lies in providing exceptional sales and servicing solutions tailored to your needs.

This blog will take you through the different components of an Impact Crusher, how they work, and the benefits of using an Impact Crusher.

Key Components of an Impact Crusher

  • Feed Hopper: Where raw materials are loaded for processing.
  • Rotor: Equipped with blow bars or hammers, spinning at high speeds for efficient crushing.
  • Blow Bars/Hammers/Beaters: Heavy-duty metal components breaking down raw materials.
  • Impact Plates: Lining the crushing chamber to facilitate material fragmentation.
  • Conveyor: Transporting crushed material away from the machine.

How Does an Impact Crusher Work?

Raw material is fed into the feed hopper, which then enters the crushing chamber of the Impact Crusher. The rotor then spins at high speeds and the blow bars strike the material, hitting it against the impact plates until the material has reached the desired size. The material then exits the chamber and can be transported or used for another application.

Benefits of Having an Impact Crusher on Site

  • Versatility: Handles a wide range of materials, from hard rock to limestone.
  • Consistency: Produces high reduction ratios with uniform particle size.
  • Energy Efficiency: Utilises force instead of compression, reducing overall power usage.
  • Easy Maintenance: Designed for convenient component replacement.
  • Moisture Resistance: Less prone to clogging with moist materials due to superior design.

Selecting the Right Impact Crusher for You

When considering the purchase of a new Impact Crusher it is important to assess how it will be used and your specific application requirements.  Tesab offers a range of mobile Impact Crushers from the 623CT with a production rate of 150TPH to the 1350T that offers a production rate of 500TPH any of which can be used as a primary, secondary , or even a tertiary Impact Crusher.

Our Material Processing Manager Paul Toulouse is an expert on our crusher range and will be more than happy to look at your requirements and make a recommendation. Contact Paul Toulouse at 07736928041 or via email at to discover the perfect Impact Crusher for your operations.